3 Ways How Knowing A Second Language Will Change Your Life
Frank Smith said that one language sets you in a corridor for life, while two languages open every door along the way. And there is nothing more true – being able to communicate in a different language than just your native one will change your life in ways you would never imagine. We borrowed a >>


How I traveled after Brexit
Hi, my name is Kate and I decided to take some time off and see the world after my bachelor graduation. I did not intend to go on in my studies immediately after summer holidays, that’s why I chose to try my luck in London. To be honest, when I started to plan this adventure, >>

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A Little Bit Different Story From London

Everyone says how great it is to spread your wings and fly away – meant as that you go and ask an agency for assistance, they arrange everything necessary for you in advance, staff is really nice to you, then you arrive to London, again everyone is nice to you, you get all the information served on a golden plate. Then people start working and live there happily ever after. That was exactly my story too but with one big difference, I was not happy and decided to go back home after 4 weeks stay.

London City Hall

People who read stories of programme participants on these pages have an overall overview of the fact, that the Agency and staff work hard and well. Coordinators are helpfull, spend a lot of time with explaining all the situations you can be in, how it works when you arrive, and so on. It is so useful for those who have never travelled anywhere far away! Agency staff consists of people who all have similar experience with the work abroad, so they symphatize with hesitant and inquiring indivuals, who keep asking and asking.

Now back to my story. Everything was prepared, my contracts were signed, pre-departure orientation was over, all documents sent, airtickets bought, money exchanged, my departure was coming. From time to time, my coordinator was bombing me with the questions, if everything was understood. I have to admit that my little quiet yes drove her crazy, but I did not know what else should I want to know, it seemed so easy, I got the instructions and I denied any upcoming problems.

11 April was the D day, I arrived, Gabriela helped me with formalities. It was hectic but she still guided me, so even I was not used for such a rush and so many responsibilites, my path was beaten and it was running smoothly, I just followed the instructions.

Suddenly I started thinking of my existence in London – why I was there, who I talked to , who I lived with and I realized how much I was missing family and life in my homecountry. I know how ridiculously it sounds from an adult , but I remembered my family during their daily routine, how they go home from work, food shopping , then they meet at home, my friends – how they see each other in a pub drinking beer, etc. All of them envied me new opportunities, that I can try working in a job I could hardly get in the Czech Republic, meet interesting people, and so on, but I did not appreciate it at all, nothing attracted me as much as returning home. Maybe it was because of going alone, it is an awesome way of how to become independent, but with some close friend, it would be better for me.

Writing this text, seeing it black on white, I am a little bit ashamed of giving it up after such a short period, nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked, my mind could change, but I had decided. By this story, I would like to say, that travelling is a beautiful hobby and experience, but to leave your family and people you love is not that easy for everyone. Well, maybe the next time.