3 Ways How Knowing A Second Language Will Change Your Life
Frank Smith said that one language sets you in a corridor for life, while two languages open every door along the way. And there is nothing more true – being able to communicate in a different language than just your native one will change your life in ways you would never imagine. We borrowed a >>


How I traveled after Brexit
Hi, my name is Kate and I decided to take some time off and see the world after my bachelor graduation. I did not intend to go on in my studies immediately after summer holidays, that’s why I chose to try my luck in London. To be honest, when I started to plan this adventure, >>

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Martin’s London Experience


I am sending two week check from my stay in London. I am sorry for being late with the report, I was really busy.

My flight from Prague to Stansted Airport was fine, then I took the recommended bus to the meeting point with Gabriela. While having a cup of coffee, I had a phone call due to setting the meeting for my NIN. We talked about organization of few next days and then I went to my accommodation.

I live in a share house with other 8 people, Czechs and Slovaks. My accommodation is appropriate to the price, nothing special, but what could I expect from room for 75 pounds per week? It is not luxurious at all but you must stand out of your comfort zone. When it comes to work, first week I registered in an agency searching for temporary part time jobs in hotels. There I went to work for three times. At the same moment, I had an interview in an Indian restaurant, then a trial shift, where I succeed and got the job. The result was, that I was offered a full time job ten days after my arrival, not bad. As I said, it was the Indian restaurant in the city centre, in Covent Garden. My position is a barback, it means that I help to bartenders, wash and polish the glass, prepare the fruit, ice, basically everything what they may need. My colleagues are awesome, practically there is really multiculture atmosphere, I work with Italians, Hungarians, Romanians, Spanish, Polish, Pakistani and Nepali. I am so happy for that, it is exactly what I wanted, to meet here people from all over the world and practise my English as much as possible. The work is not difficult, I work 5 days and two are off.

I try to spend my leisure time by exploring London and close areas. I also intend to go for a weekend trip to Ireland. If I have to say what surprised me the most, I would say that I had some expectations which met the reality. Although I knew London was multiculture, I was charmed by things I saw. I like the mix of people I meet here every day, both afroamerican and people in burqas. For example when I go home from the work with the night bus, I can start talking with a random strange guy and get to know him, which is pretty amazing.

Concerning the weather, I was a little bit scared but finally it is better than in the Czech Republic during this summer. I think, these are the most important information I wanted to tell you. Really thank you for the opportunity to travel, I enjoy it very much and I will try to enjoy the rest of my stay as much as possible!

Best regards