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Petra’s Great Experience


Here is update from my keeping up with the London live. Actually I can not call it keep up because I really enjoy everything here. After I registered in one agency providing job opportunities, Gabriela offered me an interview for a position to the restaurant and I got it.


First few days were a little bit stressful, new places, people, culture. Sometimes I catched myself thinking of my return back home, how would it be easier if I were at home. But as someone said, we start to live a real life and enjoy new adventures after we leave our comfort zone. I have to admit it is a truth.

My first work experience was in the hotel as a hostess. I bought neccessary clothes – white shirt, tie and trousers. I worried a litlle because I did not know what would follow the next, nevertheless I looked forward to. Finally I have the job!

The evening was so long, a lot of work. Immediately at the beginning, I broke a few glasses with the champagne and I told to myself it would not be the best experience, I was about to go home. But my colleagues who were so nice and kind helped me to stay strong and positive, they supported me, so I stayed.

Then I went for an interview to the restaurant I meant in the beginning of this article. I studied the information, history of the restaurant and menu as well. I looked forward for a trial shift so much, I found the restaurant with the help of Google Maps without any problems. This application is now one of my best friends.

The trial shift lasted for three hours but it seemed as one hour only to me. The manager of the company was really nice, she showed me everything and introduced other employees.

On Saturday afternoon I expected my approval email if they accepted me or not. After constant checking my mail box, it finally happened. I got the email with the message that they would be happy if I joined their team. Of course I was much happier.

I had my first shift on Monday. My day passed uncredibly quickly and I went home with a big smile. Actually it lasts till now. I go to my work happy and smiling, looking forward to see my colleagues and regular customers who are so nice.

This is what I love about London. Everyone is smiling and welcoming. I hope this excitement will last for ever and I will be happy as so far, I still do not have my NIN and bank account, but it should be done within few next days.

This was a brief summary of my almost three weeks stay, actually not so brief .

Here are two pictures for you, one from my leisure day spent in the city centre and the second from the work to show you off how they treat me with the delicious food!


Have a beautiful rest of the day
Peta K.