3 Ways How Knowing A Second Language Will Change Your Life
Frank Smith said that one language sets you in a corridor for life, while two languages open every door along the way. And there is nothing more true – being able to communicate in a different language than just your native one will change your life in ways you would never imagine. We borrowed a >>


How I traveled after Brexit
Hi, my name is Kate and I decided to take some time off and see the world after my bachelor graduation. I did not intend to go on in my studies immediately after summer holidays, that’s why I chose to try my luck in London. To be honest, when I started to plan this adventure, >>

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Tomas’s Story

I have set of for my journey to London by bus on the 11.1.2016 and reached London’s Victoria Station the next day. Gabriela, the Travel Work and Study program coordinator was already waiting there for me there and our first meeting was very informative as we have managed to book an appointment for a NIN number. After that I took an underground to the accommodation agency where I have signed a tenancy agreement and made an upfront payment of my rent. I was driven to my new home and introduced to my new housemates.


First job interview was arranged by Gabriela for next day and to my pleasant surprise I was successful and employed straight away. The job was a position of a catering waiter in a very nice hotel which was located in the hearth of the city. My first shift was a trial shift which was unpaid. The Hotel manager had a chance to decide whether he wants me to be employed there based on my performance. I have enjoyed the job and have met and made many new friends but unfortunately there weren’t as many hours available to work as I would like and so I have decided to search again for a new job. It only took a couple of days and some not so successful interviews to find a new job with the help of Gabriela and her relentless effort.


I have started to work in a bakery warehouse. I had to submit 3 passport size pictures, 2 for an agency and 1 for an I.D. pass without which I would not be allowed to enter my work place. I also had to buy a pair of work boots (20 pounds) and a high visibility vest (2.50). I work on 4 days work/ 4 days off basis and 12hour shifts. We have a 30 min break every 3 hours. I have an option of a warm lunch there for the price of 3 pounds.


I was also very lucky as I do not have to use public transport to my work as it only takes 10 minutes by foot which helps me save at around 30 pounds a week. I earn about 230 pounds a week before taxes.I work in the warehouse until now and I am happy there.


London is full of opportunities and I am glad that I took the plunge to travel and experience the life abroad. I have learned to be independent and responsible and my English has really improved. Last but not least I would like to add that without the help of the agency and their coordinators my beginnings here in London would not have been easy as it is not as simple as it may seem especially when it comes to a job search.