3 Ways How Knowing A Second Language Will Change Your Life
Frank Smith said that one language sets you in a corridor for life, while two languages open every door along the way. And there is nothing more true – being able to communicate in a different language than just your native one will change your life in ways you would never imagine. We borrowed a >>


How I traveled after Brexit
Hi, my name is Kate and I decided to take some time off and see the world after my bachelor graduation. I did not intend to go on in my studies immediately after summer holidays, that’s why I chose to try my luck in London. To be honest, when I started to plan this adventure, >>

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Marta, Czech Republic
“To be honest I was a little bit scared to leave my family and friends to go to London. But it was when I was telling about it to a friend of mine when I found myself thinking that no one will believe me until I take an action to prove them that I am really going to London. So I thought to myself let’s do it. So I did it. I did my research and that was how I found out about and I knew that I will be working with them because Gabriela who is organizing things from Prague was very friendly and easy to talk to. She was always trying her best to help me and explain everything to me and she wasn’t annoyed by my stupid never ending questions. Before you leave Michaela will set up a skype call for you with Gabriela. Gabriela will be taking care of you in London so once you’re skyping with her you can ask her everything about looking for a job or London life. When I arrived to London Gabriela was waiting for me and she took me to the agency so I could pay for my accommodation and everything else. And the next day everything started, you have to get some documents to be able to work in London and once you have it you can start to look for a job. The best thing is that Gabriela is still in touch with you at all times. Whenever she would set up an interview for you, she would call you after and she wants to know how was it and how do you feel about it. And that is the main reason I choose agency. Because you have someone to turn to if you are struggling with something. Someone will help you and guide you, someone who knows how it is. It has been almost two months since I arrived in London and so far I am enjoying myself here.”

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Alberto, Italy
Hi, I’m sending my programme report from London! All the cooperation with Gabriela (the programme coordinator) was running absolutely smoothly.
After my arrival to London airport, I went to Victoria station as we had an appointment here. It was neccessary to solve some formalities from the beginning of my staying in the United Kingdom, and then she sent me to the accommodation office, where I got the information about accommodation, signed the contract, paid the rent, and was taken to my new home.
Gabriela set the plan of my job interviews in concrete places and employers, where I had to attend at time. She always told me how to get there, because the orientation in London trasport is really confusing for foreigners.
Every evening she called me asking for the results of job interviews, if I were happy, what did they asked me for. I had many interviews, but the most successful was the one for the restaurant network, so now I work in the British Museum Café.
The approach of Gabriela was great, she was patient, willing to clarify me everything, so big thank to her, everything was perfect!

Andrea, Austria
Good Morning!
After my arrival to London, Gabriela was waiting for me and took me to the accommodation company office, where I got my room. It is not luxurious at all, but all the day, you are at work and all you need at the end of the day is the bed, where you can sleep.
The next day we had an appointment about NIN, editing my CV, the other day I went for the job interview, to the café. I was successful, so they offered me a trial shift. For the case I did not like the place, or they were not happy with my abilities, Gabriela did not hesitate and arranged couple more interviews. But I managed it, I gained the job!
I work in the Hyde Park, and I am highly satisfied. With Gabriela, we are in touch. Next week I should get paid, so I am curious :). Anyway, I am charmed by London, I can’t get enough!